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Personal injury iPhone app released

Personal injury iPhone app released

A solicitors firm has produced an iPhone app that it hopes will make lawyers' jobs easier by recording information to the phone if the user is involved in a car crash.

The app is available for free from the App Store and its creators Bott & Co say that Car Incident Assessment will provide the user with the information and advice they will need to help them to deal with the accident effectively.

The app will encourage the user to take photographs of the crash site, but significantly allows them to then automatically pass these details onto their solicitors immediately after the accident.

A spokesperson for Bott & Co said that once the pertinent details had been recorded and emailed over, a personal injury lawyer would immediately begin to build a claim if the fault of the accident lay with the other party.

The Car Incident Assessment app has already received several five star ratings from iPhone owners, although it is more likely to gain popularity in the American market.

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