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  5. The Telegraph iPhone app gets updated

The Telegraph iPhone app gets updated

The Telegraph iPhone app gets updated

The Telegraph app, which is available free of charge, now features extended functionality including support for video and photo galleries on top of its core purpose; delivering current headlines and news feeds direct to the iPhone.

The app works in conjunction with the Telegraph website and both breaking news and weather updates can be accessed by those who want to keep up with the latest developments.

Compatibility with Twitter and Facebook is now included, allowing users to quickly share a story or photo which they find interesting with their online contacts.

Video reports are now accessible for the first time and those with the app will also be able to view picture galleries charting the hot topics of the day.

The new function with the most potential is the opportunity the app affords users to become a field reporter for the Telegraph.

Pressing the 'report' key onscreen will allow them to capture photographs of a breaking story and then add a quick summary as to what is going on.

With much breaking news now dictated by Twitter and YouTube, the inclusion of this function is an undeniably timely one.

The Telegraph has applications available for BlackBerry and Android-based smartphones, although at the moment the improvements added to the new release will be exclusive to iPhone users.

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