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Video streaming app for iPhone released

Video streaming app for iPhone released

Ustream Live Broadcaster has become the first app to facilitate video streaming from an iPhone to the internet.

iPhone-to-iPhone video streaming was made possible with the release of Knocking Live last week, but Ustream is the first service to allow virtually anyone with an internet connection to watch video streaming live from a mobile.

Ustream is already established as a Webcam streaming service for public or private broadcasts from bedrooms around the world and on the iPhone it simply uses the built-in camera as a webcam, streaming the video via 3G or Wi-Fi.

If you are in an area with inadequate network coverage, Ustream will allow you to record video for use later.

Various social networking capabilities are built in, with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all functional in some way.

Users can also request an instant opinion poll from your viewers to gauge how interesting they find your current stream.

In order to stream without interruption, users will need to disable the auto-off function. However, the good news is that most reports indicate that with a decent connection you can stream video smoothly and consistently.

Although the Ustream app could be applied in creative and potentially profitable ways, there are concerns that it could also be used to infringe on privacy, with live video streams capturing an uncensored or intrusive scene.

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