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Better security for iPhone OS 4.0

Better security for iPhone OS 4.0

Apple is said to be making sure that the fourth version of its iPhone OS is more secure than previous iterations in a bid to capture a larger slice of the business market.

So far the iPhone has struggled to appealed to businesspeople because of a common assumption that the platform is far less secure than those of its rivals, allowing BlackBerry mobile phones to continue to dominate this market.

Reports suggest that Apple will be integrating encryption and business applications into the iPhone OS 4.0. This will include improved email support, which could seriously impact the popularity of BlackBerry smartphones.

One market analyst said: "I've spoken to a variety of serious security players over the last few months and they have been in talks with Apple over this - the business market is definitely one that Apple is targeting."

Up until now Apple is widely held to have failed to properly address the issues of security within its mobile platform, choosing to leave security software vendors out of loop as part of its continued efforts to retain total control over the iPhone experience.

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