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Gesture-sensing case for iPhone 4G

Gesture-sensing case for iPhone 4G

More rumours circulating online suggest that the iPhone 4G might utilise a technology similar to that seen in the Magic Mouse that will allow it to respond to gesture controls.

Bloomberg has reported that sources close to Apple have given away details about the device, which includes the new suggestion that it will feature a five megapixel camera that will rival that of the Google Nexus One.

Some doubts about the Magic Mouse claims have been raised since the touchscreen controls that the current iPhone 3G S uses are widely considered to be more than adequate, but there is no doubt that Apple possesses the technology to make gesture controls possible.

The new rumours also suggest that the iPhone 4G will be ready to begin production at some point in April, allowing it to make its anticipated June release date with time to spare.

The final whisper relating to the next iPhone is the most likely; namely that a new version of the iPhone OS is set to coincide with the launch of Apple's next smartphone.

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