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iPhone 4G spec rumours surface

iPhone 4G spec rumours surface

According to a report in a Korean newspaper, an unnamed executive working for mobile provider KT has made public information relating to the iPhone 4G's technical specifications.

The new rumours suggest that the next iPhone will have an OLED screen and offer video calling via a front facing camera. It has also been said that the iPhone 4G will allow the user to remove the battery, which would be a first for the series.

Other improvements outlined in the claims include a dual-core processor paired with a better digital camera and a more powerful graphics chip.

According to the source at KT, which is the only network to offer the iPhone in Korea, the new phone will be given to its executives at some point in April for testing in the run up to its June release.

No news on its availability in other regions has been released, but most believe that a June release would make sense given Apple's previous record.

According to the report, Apple is working to release the iPhone earlier than it had intended in order to fight back against the growing popularity of smartphones based on the Google Android platform.

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