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iPhone aids expectant couples

iPhone aids expectant couples

A 30-year-old UK woman has benefited from the advice given by an iPhone application, which she says helped her and her partner to conceive a child when they had previously been having problems.

The app works by calculating how fertile a female is on any given day based on body temperature inputs.

According to reports, the couple had been considering a course of IVF treatment when conventional conception proved to be difficult, but using the app has helped in facilitating a natural pregnancy.

A relation said that once the woman began using the app she became pregnant within two months, which means that when the child is born it will be the first baby to be delivered in the UK in part thanks to Apple's smartphone.

The mother and her partner are understandably going to remain out of the media spotlight until the pregnancy has run its course, but this news will surely encourage those who are trying to conceive to check out the App Store for a little bit of extra help.

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