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  5. Kodak deepens legal battle with Apple and RIM

Kodak deepens legal battle with Apple and RIM

Kodak deepens legal battle with Apple and RIM

Apple and BlackBerry manufacturer Resarch in Motion are facing a lawsuit over certain components used in their smartphones with Kodak as the plaintiff.

The camera manufacturer claims that several of its patents are infringed by the systems that allow users of the iPhone and BlackBerry mobiles to preview image files that they have captured. It also claims that Apple is making use of digital camera technology without proper licensing in two other lawsuits.

Kodak has requested that no more mobile phones are dispatched by either firm until the legal battle has come to a conclusion, with substantial remuneration being sought.

A spokesperson for Kodak's legal department said that the firm had been in talks with both Apple and RIM in order to find a resolution to the issues that did not require legal action.

Since no satisfactory arrangement was negotiated out of court, Kodak is bringing the lawsuits to bear in order to uphold the interests of its shareholders.

Samsung has already fought and lost an infringement suit with Kodak and Apple is to be subjected to an almost identical suit to that brought against Sun Microsystems in the past.

Apple is still taking on Nokia with various suits and counter-suits over mobile technology patents and the Kodak claims will now force the Californian firm to fight on two fronts.

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