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  5. Nokia and Apple dominate global mobile market

Nokia and Apple dominate global mobile market

Nokia and Apple dominate global mobile market

A report published by mobile advertising company AdMob shows that both Nokia and Apple are currently holding sway over the international mobile markets, but that their dominance varies by region.

Nokia handsets and the Symbian operating system are most popular in Asian, African and Eastern European nations, whilst Apple sees its iPhone OS-based devices pulling ahead of the competition in the Americas, Western Europe and in the Antipodes.

AdMob is the main provider of online advertising for mobile sites and so it is able to keep tabs as to what kind of mobile phone and operating platform each user it encounters is employing.

According to AdMob, the number of consumers using Nokia systems to get online in 2009 fell to 18 per cent from 33 per cent in 2008. On the other hand Apple saw growth, with 36 per cent online market share compared to nine per cent in 2008.

Other firms on the rise according to AdMob included HTC, which managed to account for six per cent of the market in 2009, up from one per cent in the previous year. Meanwhile, BlackBerry usage accounted for three per cent of the total, which is a figure that remained consistent with its performance in the previous year.

In 2009 smartphone sales made up 14 per cent of the mobile market, but with their focus on mobile internet connectivity, smartphones accounted for nearly 40 per cent of AdMobs's traffic.

Google's Android OS saw significant gains in 2009, with a 16 per cent stake contrasting sharply with its one per cent holding in 2008. The emergence of more manufacturer support for Android has played a significant part in this rise.

Apple was the clear victor in North and Latin America, taking 40 per cent and 39 per cent of the market respectively, whilst Western European consumers were even more supportive of the iPhone, accounting for more than 66 per cent of all of AdMob's traffic.

Nokia did not fare as well in the West, but was able to take 53 per cent of the market in Asia and 54 per cent in Africa, which shows that it is still able to perform well in regions where it has become particularly entrenched.

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