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Nokia & Apple conflict deepens

Nokia & Apple conflict deepens

After filing yet another lawsuit against Apple in the closing days of 2009, it looks as though Nokia is likely to be stuck in a court fight with the Californian firm until 2013 according to consultants at Screen Digest.

Nokia is seeking damages for alleged patent infringements by Apple across a majority of its products, including the iPhone and the Finnish manufacturer has also made its grievances known to the ITC (International Trade Commission).

A spokesperson for Screen Digest said that the latest bout of conflict was indicative of a mounting aggression in the relationship between the two firms and it was also suggested that Nokia was becoming bolder with each new complaint.

Nokia's last legal battle that ended in financial reimbursement for the firm also lasted for three years and saw chip manufacturer Qualcomm come under scrutiny.

The spokesperson said that it would be impossible to predict the length of the next legal row, although another three year stint could be more than likely.

Many see Nokia's confrontation of Apple over patents as a blatant attempt to attack a company which has quickly managed to take over the smartphone market and believe that the lawsuits are simply stalling tactics used to help Nokia recover and produce a decent rival product.

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