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Version 4.0 of iPhone OS leaked

Version 4.0 of iPhone OS leaked

With the likelihood of an Apple tablet being announced in the next couple of weeks and with the iPhone 4G being tipped for a summer launch, it is no surprise that details about the operating system which could be powering the two devices have been made public.

Rumours suggest that iPhone OS 4.0 will utilise gesture controls that make the most of the multi-touch sensitive screen and the user interface (UI) is going to get a lick of new paint if not a radical overhaul.

There are other suggestions that multitasking will be possible under the new OS, but some are sceptical as to whether this will be fully implemented or only possible using a set combination of popular apps.

What will excite a majority of current iPhone customers is that the iPhone OS 4.0 is said to be backwards-compatible with both the iPhone 3G and the newer 3G S, with an emphasis being placed on the fact that the operating system will turn the smartphones into devices that are more reminiscent of portable computers.

How this will translate into functionality is not clear, but it is certainly setting the bar high for the 3G in particular since it is coming up on its second birthday.

Apple is apparently set to unveil the iPhone OS 4.0 on January 27th, so we will not have long to wait until it arrives and can be dissected in detail.

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