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  5. Vodafone receives data protection accolade

Vodafone receives data protection accolade

Vodafone receives data protection accolade

The network provider Vodafone has just received the Claims Tested Mark (CCTM) certificate from UK authorities, after independent analysis of its Secure Remote Access service.

Vodafone can now claim that it is officially one of the most secure providers in the country and refer any sceptics to its newly won certification.

The Secure Remote Access service is designed for Vodafone's business customers and aims to keep the data and networks of any organisation safe while allowing for remote access via mobile or other means.

A spokesperson for Vodafone said that the company aimed to improve the flexibility and availability of remote working to businesses and enterprises of all sizes without compromising on the security aspects.

The new certification will allow Vodafone to solicit the business of public bodies including the MoD and the NHS, as the stamp of approval is recognised across many government departments.

Vodafone and the head of CCMT said that they were both very pleased about the accreditation of the service with a widely accepted award and Vodafone is now set to further build its reputation across various security sensitive markets.

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