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Apple banishes iPhone hackers

Apple banishes iPhone hackers

Two iPhone hackers have been barred from accessing Apple services, in a sign that Apple is getting tough with customers who jailbreak their handsets.

Sherif Hasim, who has created a variety of hacking tools that allow users to modify the iPhone software against Apple's wishes, is no longer able to access iTunes or the App Store from his personal iPhone.

According to Mr Hasim, Apple has put a block on his unique Apple ID, effectively barring him from all of its download services.

He released an image showing his inability to log onto iTunes and according to the message on-screen, Apple has blocked his Apple ID for 'security reasons'.

After Mr Hasim went public with his news, it soon emerged that at least one other known iPhone hacker has been blocked in a similar way.

There are now fears that Apple could begin to systematically exclude anyone who has installed an iPhone hack to jailbreak their mobiles and gain access to software that Apple has not approved.

It seems that this is the first time that Apple has taken direct action against one of the people behind software hacks to its devices, although it has yet to offer any comment on its actions.

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