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Classic '90s shooter comes to iPhone

Classic '90s shooter comes to iPhone

Wolfenstein 3D paved the way for Doom and back in 1994 Rise of the Triad, which is based on the Wolfenstein game engine created by id software, was released as freeware by developers Apogee.

Now over 15 years later the iPhone is getting its very own version of this first person shooter, adding to its already impressive catalogue of retro gaming classics.

Rise of the Triad is not as well known as some other mid-90s shooters of this genre, but did gain a considerable cult fanbase thanks in part to its violent gameplay and impressive multiplayer component.

Apogee, which is behind the translation of the title to the iPhone, has opted for the dual-thumb control scheme favoured by other iPhone rehashes of classics and has retained the look, feel and fantastic soundtrack of the original.

See Rise of the Triads in action below:

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