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Doctors build life-saving iPhone app

Doctors build life-saving iPhone app

A group of physicians from Yorkshire has created an app for the iPhone that makes sure the correct medicine is administered to patients in accident and emergency wards.

One of the most significant problems facing doctors in A&E wards every day is that of dosage. Most have to guess at the weight of patients when they arrive.

Rather than making the doctors perform the necessary calculations mentally, the Paeds ED iPhone app will do all of the work in a split second.

Its potential to save lives has been recognised by the Patient Safety Awards 2010, in which it has been nominated for the Technology and IT prize.

The Paeds ED app first arrived on the App Store back in October 2009 and has since been downloaded by over 10,000 people.

Dr Brad Wilson, Dr Haidar Samiei and Dr Taj Hassan teamed up to create the app and Dr Samiei said that it was hoped that the app could save lives by eliminating the potential for mistakes in dosing patients.

Dr Samiei told BBC Online: "We're fairly confident that this will decrease prescribing errors and the new technologies, as they come around faster and faster every time, will just really stop errors in moments of crisis."

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