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iPhone 4G codename unearthed

iPhone 4G codename unearthed

A tech site has uncovered the working titles for the next generation Apple iPhone and iPod.

An Apple insider cited by Endgadget has revealed that the codenames for the next generation iPhone and iPod Touch are visible if you dig into the software development kit (SDK) provided for those looking to work on the iPhone OS 3.2.

An expert who delved deep into the SDK found a series of folders which relate to different model versions of Apple products with which the platform is compatible.

The list contains current model codenames for the iPhone 3G S and the iPod Touch's second iteration and there is also a device listed as 'K48', which Endgadget previously reported as being the codename for the recently launched iPad.

The most important item in the list is 'N89', which the site's sources suggest is almost certainly the development name given to the iPhone 4G.

In its previous iterations, the iPhone has taken on the title of the M68, the N82 and the N88, so calling it the N89 represents a logical progression for the series.

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