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  5. iPhone app developers gagged over Android

iPhone app developers gagged over Android

iPhone app developers gagged over Android

An app designed as a study guide for students attempting college entry in the USA has been denied an updated release by Apple seemingly because its creators made reference to its success in an Android app building contest.

The team behind Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab originally released a version of their iPhone app in 2009, followed quickly thereafter by a port for the Android-based smartphone owners out there.

When the app performed well in a competition to find the best Android apps, the creators decided to share their success by mentioning this accolade in an update to the iPhone version.

However, in a recent blog post the creators revealed that their updated app had been denied entry to the App Store. At least it was until they removed the section of the description which explained that the app had become a "Finalist in Google's Android Developer's Challenge".

According to Apple, the use of this phrase represents "inappropriate or irrelevant platform information".

The news has been interpreted as an indication that Apple does not want any mention of Android to appear on the App Store.

Tim Novikoff, one of the main movers behind the Flash of Genius app, said he was happy to comply with Apple's requests and had made the changes they had asked for.

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