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iPhone gets Noby Noby Boy app

iPhone gets Noby Noby Boy app

Noby Noby Boy may have a slightly odd name, but its arrival on the iPhone will be welcomed by gaming fans with a taste for the ingenious.

Watch Noby Noby Boy in action below

Keita Takahashi, who is the man behind the oddly cathartic Katamari Damacy series, created Noby Noby Boy for the PlayStation 3 back in 2009.

However, Noby Noby Boy is not a video 'game' in the traditional sense; it is not driven by missions and eschews specific objectives in favour of physics-based gameplay and a virtual pet-style element.

The game can actually be integrated into other apps, including Google Maps, which then allows users to stretch the game's character across the local area and measure how long they have made him.

All of this may sound a little esoteric and at first some gamers may be at loss to see its appeal. However, take it from us, it can become one of the most entertaining ways to pass some time with your iPhone if you stick with it.

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