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Quiz games for iPhone from BBC

Quiz games for iPhone from BBC

The Generation Game and Mastermind could soon make an appearance in app form if the BBC decides to bring the famous family entertainment franchises to the iPhone.

The Generation Game was Bruce Forsythe's show back in the '70s and '80s and it clearly has a nostalgic appeal for those who grew up during that period.

The BBC has already made two paid-for apps available for iPhone users, providing TV listings and more with the Radio Times app and appealing to motoring enthusiasts with the Top Gear app.

The BBC's Simon Dinker told Media Guardian that the BBC is "looking at taking [its] entertainment brands and developing games around them".

Mr Dinker went on to note that the iPhone was just a small part of the BBC's multi-platform approach to its television properties, suggesting that many more mobile and static formats will be getting BBC gaming content in the future.

Speculating over how the Generation Game would work, He said: "[It] could work well as a memory game, particularly the conveyor belt!

"We're also talking about taking on quiz shows. However, these are still aspirations and we have things like rights still to consider."

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