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Saucy iPhone apps get the chop

Saucy iPhone apps get the chop

After axing Wobble iBoobs from the App Store last week, Apple has gone on a crusade to remove any app that it believes is unsuitable because of its sexual content.

Developer Chillifresh, which developed the first app to be removed, said that Apple has introduced a new policy relating to the content of the App Store and has since cleared out 5000 other applications which fail to meet its standards.

Apple's Trudy Muller told CNet: "If we find [that] apps contain inappropriate material, we remove them and request the developer make any necessary changes in order to be distributed by Apple."

According to AppShopper, which monitors growth and sales on the App Store, Apple usually removes an average of 100 apps a day in normal circumstances, but last Friday the figure jumped to nearly 4000.

According to Chillifresh, Apple has made it aware of a new set of criteria, which essentially ban sexual content of any kind from the App Store.

Apps will no longer be allowed to feature pictures of men or women in bikinis, bare skin, explicit silhouettes, verbal innuendo or arousing content of any kind.

Despite these new rules, it looks as though the brand power of certain organisations has prevented their sexually charged apps from facing expulsion from the App Store.

The Playboy app is one notable example of an app that has survived the cull thus far, although Apple could well continue its purge and get around to removing it soon.

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