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Video calls for iPhone 4G?

Video calls for iPhone 4G?

When the next iPhone arrives it could well come with video as well as voice chatting via 3G, as new information relating to the technology has been unearthed in version 3.2 of the iPhone's SDK.

Icons and software commands that imply the presence of a front-facing video calling camera in the iPhone 4G are visible in the SDK and it is the best evidence yet to suggest that Apple is working on the technology.

Sources believe that both the upcoming iPhone and subsequent versions of the iPad tablet computer will feature video chatting, although there are some who have pointed out that iChat symbols and coding could just be an artefact of previously Mac-based software.

There have been discussions and rumours about the availability of video calling on the iPhone ever since the 3G was announced, but two years of disappointment and two new iPhones have not, as yet, delivered a solution in this arena.

Video calling itself has not been widely adopted since it was introduced a few years back, although if the next iPhone is able to get it right, we could see it altering the way in which we communicate once more.

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