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iPhone 4G gets artist's impression

iPhone 4G gets artist's impression

Several impressive professional-quality concept images depicting the upcoming iPhone 4G have appeared on a forum online.

Artist Seraphan made a stab at guessing as to the styling and technology that are to be added to the iPhone 4G. The most striking decision is the multiple colours in which the concept has been rendered.

Observers who examined the photos were not entirely convinced that Apple would come through with the multiple colour schemes.

However, with a flash backing up the digital camera and the inclusion of the iPad-style interface, there are some inclusions in the concept which could well make it into the finished product.

The artist suggests that a microSD memory card slot could become a feature of the iPhone 4G, but Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs has been fairly explicit in his views on such technology for his firm's smartphones, so fans should not get their hopes up.

Amongst the speculation and hoaxed images and documents which claim to officially show off the iPhone 4G, this artist has created something compelling and stimulating without trying to pretend that he has stumbled upon some sanctioned content, which is refreshing.

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