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  5. iPhone app arrives for red-top love rats

iPhone app arrives for red-top love rats

iPhone app arrives for red-top love rats

Cheatin' hearts and red-top love rats now have carte blanche to play around thanks to a new app dubbed TigerText.

Heralded as the perfect tool for amorous celebs or adulterous average-Joes who want to keep their text chats a secret, TigerText allows the users to command any sent text to automatically delete itself from the recipient's phone after a set period of time.

When the app is employed to send a text, users can decide how long it remains untouched, after which point it is erased from everywhere, including the network servers that store it. The TigerText app requires a monthly subscription of £1.60.

Creator Jeffrey Evans claims his app "brings safety and peace of mind to anyone who sends messages that are intended to remain private".

The only caveat for using the software is that both parties involved in the texting must have the app installed on their iPhone.

The app is being marketed to business people and those in the legal profession, who would indeed have a vested interest in making sure that confidential texts remain unseen by the eyes of others.

However, the press is already branding it as suitable for 'love-rat' celebrities, although if Mr Evans is to believed the app's name is not intended to create an association with the recently embarrassed Tiger Woods.

UK iPhone owners will be able to purchase the app in April and it is set to appear on other smartphone platforms, including BlackBerrys, soon after.

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