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iPhone app prices falling

iPhone app prices falling

Average prices for iPhone apps are falling all the time, a survey of market trends at the Apple App Store has shown.

A study by FierceMobileContent found that between December 2009 and February 2010 there was a 15 per cent fall in the cost of iPhone applications.

These stats covered prices in both the US and Europe with American customers being required to pay around £1.63 per app, whilst those of us in the EU were looking at about £2.60 for each one.

The discrepancy in the costs between the two markets is believed to be caused by the popularity of premium paid-for apps that offer facilities such as turn-by-turn navigation.

These are many times more expensive than basic games, which are the most popular types among iPhone owners and standard apps.

The fall in prices is not just significant because of the double-digit drop, but also because it has occurred over a short period of time.

This may be because people are opting for cheaper apps, or it could be a general trend in the pricing of apps by the developers as competition heats up.

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