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iPhone apps propel girl to stardom

iPhone apps propel girl to stardom

Teenage iPhone fan PixieTea, aka Zhang Xuanyan, has made waves in the pop and tech worlds with a hit song made using nothing but a selection of apps.

See PixieTea's video below

The inventive track, called ABCD Said is teamed with a live action and stop motion animation video that was also edited together entirely with iPhone apps.

Although PixieTea's sound is clearly electro-oriented, this is perhaps due to the nature of the audio produced by the various apps she uses, including NlogSynthesizer and iShread.

Her main influences apparently come from the guitar-heavy world of UK pop, with Lily Allen and The Charlatans amongst her favourite artists.

Given the quality of the song and the accompanying video, there are many who have expressed doubts over its creation, questioning whether a girl working alone in her bedroom could have made something so professional.

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