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iPhone third-party BBC app blocked

iPhone third-party BBC app blocked

An iPhone app that aped the functionality of the BBC iPlayer has been barred by the public service broadcaster.

The app was intended to offer iPhone users the chance to catch up with their favourite BBC shows while on the move.

Developer Camiloo showcased its on-demand video app in February and intended to sell the app for £1.19 as soon as approval was granted.

However, it was forced to issue a statement online saying that the launch had been canned, but did not immediately reveal the reasons behind the cancellation.

Camiloo's Mark Newby, who heads up the Manchester-based developer, told MacWorld: "We were given a cease and desist order by the BBC legal department despite our best efforts to try and meet the BBC's requirements in any way possible."

According to Mr Newby, Camiloo had even proposed that the app would be offered as a free download, but the BBC refused to budge.

The app offered users the chance to browse the BBC's listings, download shows for up to 7 days after they had been broadcast and then playback the videos wherever they took their iPhone.

Camiloo had hoped that the fact that its service was linked directly to the BBC's RSS feeds and consequently had the same imposed expiration dates on content as the broadcaster, would have endeared the app to its benefactors.

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