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iPhone getting new Sim City Deluxe

iPhone getting new Sim City Deluxe

EA's mobile phone games division is working on Sim City Deluxe for Apple's iPhone and it will act as a direct sequel to the original Sim City app which launched more than 12 months ago.

Due to go on sale in the summer, the game's biggest tweaks appear to have been made to the control scheme - judging by a few choice images that EA has published.

Some of the world's most famous cities will be open to modification and destruction by the player, with London, Cairo and Paris all pencilled in for playability.

Players will also be able to construct famous monuments and presumable set up natural disasters to bring them crashing down again.

Few solid facts about Sim City Deluxe exist beyond the screen shots, but given the updated hardware and improved graphical clout of the iPhone 3G S, some spanking new visuals might be on the way.

A summer release would also coincide with the launch of the next generation iPhone, so EA's city management sim could be available to play on a bigger screen than ever before.

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