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iPhone to get Monkey Island sequel

iPhone to get Monkey Island sequel

The Secret of Monkey Island got a multiplatform special-edition release last year and now it looks as though the much-lauded follow-up is going to emerge in a similar form for the iPhone.

The special edition of the original added new voice acting from the cast of the more recent games in the series, as well as a graphical update for the aging imagery.

Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge Special Edition is believed to be in development right now, with Kotaku revealing that the Game Developers Conference (GDC) will be host to the first official screenshots of the project.

Like its predecessor, the iPhone version of the sequel will include new artwork and audio effects and the game should be laid directly on top of the bones of the original, allowing players to swap between the two for the total experience.

The impending arrival of the title on the iPhone follows the launch of other classic point-and-click adventure games on the touchscreen platform, including Broken Sword and steampunk cult hit Beneath a Steel Sky.

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