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iPhone Spotify app update incoming

iPhone Spotify app update incoming

Spotify has promised that the iPhone version of its music streaming service will be getting a host of new capabilities when an update is released in the near future.

The Spotify official blog was used to break the news. At the time of writing, there was no official confirmation as to a release date for the updated app, but there was a definite promise that it was well on the way to completion.

The post on the Spotify blog stated: "Along with a number of fixes to the app we've added a range of great new features.

"Those additions include scrobbling, the ability to open and play Spotify links and support for lower bitrate streaming (96kbps) for slower connections."

Spotify may not have submitted its updates to Apple for scrutiny quite yet, but after receiving criticism from many quarters, the App Store looks to be sharpening up the review process and getting apps out to the public with fewer delays.

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