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iPhone Street Fighter IV arrives

iPhone Street Fighter IV arrives

After bursting onto the home console market a year ago, Street Fighter IV has been officially released for the iPhone, with much of the full game remaining intact on the touchscreen version.

Capcom has included all the most popular fighters from the franchise's extensive history, as well as a couple of brand new characters.

The Developer has also created something called the Visual Pad to allow players to control their fighter of choice.

This is essentially a touchscreen version of the classic directional pad controls that will be familiar to any Street Fighter veteran.

Although the basic controls will allow anyone to pick up the game and give it a whirl, Capcom has given an unprecedented level of customisation to the player, allowing them to edit the Visual Pad controls to suit their play style.

This includes moving the controls to anywhere on the iPhone's screen to make sure that gamers are holding the phone as comfortably as possible.

Particularly hardcore players can choose to make the controls completely transparent - something that will definitely please people who want to see more of the onscreen action once they have acclimatised to the touchscreen layout.

Various modes are available to the player, including the training Dojo mode and multiplayer link-up using Bluetooth.

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