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iPhone Tekken on the way?

iPhone Tekken on the way?

Tekken, the fighting game franchise that helped the original Playstation achieve market supremacy back in the 1990s, looks as though it is about to bound on to the iPhone.

According to unnamed source cited by Pocketgamer, Namco Bandai is considering creating an edition of the game for Apple mobile phones, effectively setting up a showdown with the forthcoming Street Fighter iPhone game.

It is believed that Namco will modify the pocket-sized version of Tekken 6 which originally debuted on the PlayStation Portable, but with the obligatory move over to touchscreen controls to accommodate the iPhone's technology.

Namco is keeping quiet about the possibility of Tekken coming to the iPhone, with no plans to talk about the title in public as yet.

However, since there has not been any outright denial of the rumours, Tekken could appear in the App Store's extensive listings at some point this year.

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