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Official iPhone 4G snaps leaked?

Official iPhone 4G snaps leaked?

A fairly convincing set of images apparently showing a pre-release version of the next generation iPhone have appeared online.

The pictures show the iPhone 4G a charging dock, the retail box and several different colour editions of the phone against what appears to be a warehouse backdrop.

However, there is a general mistrust of any photographs published from an unofficial source and some have claimed that the images are just competently constructed hoaxes created to piggyback on the hype surrounding Apple's next mobile phone.

Sadly the people who claim to have got their hands on the iPhone 4G did not seem to have had a chance to note down any of its key features.

The pictures were first posted on the Spazio Cellulare forum last week and given the sceptical reactions the shots have engendered in the media, there could be a few red faces if the images ever turn out to be real.

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