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Hack ports Android to iPhone

Hack ports Android to iPhone

iPhone fans who are jealously eyeing the Google Android platform can now get the best of both worlds, with the news that a Linux hacker has spliced Android onto the iPhone operating system (OS).

See the hacked iPhone in action below

David Wong has worked some programming wizardry and managed to get the original 2007 iPhone 2G to operate Android, winning the praise of the hacking world.

The iPhone can boot up both the standard Apple-sanctioned OS as well as Android and if you are sceptical then you can witness the phone in action on YouTube. Mr Wong is able to make calls, browse the internet and even send texts.

You might expect a non-native OS to be a little sluggish on the first-gen iPhone, but it looks to be fairly slick even if it does seem basic.

Our hacking hero has even enabled the Android media player, proving its functionality by cranking out some tunes.

The process of porting Android to the iPhone is not going to be for the faint-hearted, but the fact that it is possible at all is a testament to the skill of the hacker and the power of the iPhone's hardware.

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