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iPhone 2G support ending

iPhone 2G support ending

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs has confirmed that the iPhone 2G, which launched back in 2007, will no longer be getting support from his firm.

An iPhone owner emailed the company's head asking about Apple's plans for the original iPhone, who responded by making it clear that no further updates would be made available.

Mr Jobs sent his reply from his iPhone, suggesting that the big man is willing to answer simple queries when he is out and about.

In many respects it was perhaps unreasonable to expect Apple to offer indefinite support for its previous releases.

The launch of the iPhone OS 4.0 came earlier in the week, along with the news that the iPhone 2G would be missing out on the firmware update.

The iPhone 2G is not able to handle the multitasking that version 4.0 of the software platform will throw at it, according to Pocket Lint.

The only option for iPhone 2G owners is to upgrade to an iPhone 3G S or to wait for the next generation iPhone to arrive in the summer.

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