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iPhone 4.0 firmware landing summer

iPhone 4.0 firmware landing summer

iPhone 3G S users will be able to enjoy version 4.0 of the iPhone operating system (OS) at some point in the summer, according to Apple.

Support for previous versions of Apple's flagship smartphones will not be completely included, although the third generation of its iPod Touch media players will benefit from the update.

The multitasking capabilities that iPhone 3G S users will be able to enjoy cannot be accessed by iPhone 3G owners who download and install the update, but certain improvements will be visible.

The iPad is fully supported in the update, but it will not get its own version of the platform until the Autumn. The original 2007 iPhone is probably not going to get any support whatsoever.

Developers can get their hands on the fourth iPhone platform update right now, which suggests that the first reports on how the new software works and what it can do will be just a few days away.

UK users can only rely on the subtly vague promise of a summer release, but in the past Apple has synchronised its US and European launches.

In 2009 the iPhone 3G S arrived on the 19th of June, just two days after the third version of the iPhone platform, which means an iPhone hardware update is also highly likely for a summer launch.

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