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iPhone 4G recipient questioned

iPhone 4G recipient questioned

The man who sold the iPhone 4G prototype to a tech site after finding it in a bar has been reportedly been quizzed by local policemen over the disappearance of the handset.

Reports suggest that at first the unnamed man was approached by people from Apple itself, with the intention of requesting that the suspect submit to a voluntary search of his home, which is located in Silicon Valley in California.

The man in question was not at home when Apple turned up at his door and they were turned away by his flatmate.

After the iPhone 4G prototype was found, tech site Gizmodo paid thousands of dollars for the mobile. However, Wired reports that the man who passed on the device to them did so not as a sale of the iPhone itself, but rather as a deal guaranteeing the exclusivity of the story.

Since the man became known to police investigating the incident, he has allegedly been taken in for questioning.

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