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iPhone app teaches Queen's English

iPhone app teaches Queen's English

An iPhone app has been developed to promote the proper use of what its creators call the Queen's English.

The app contains instructions designed to help users learn the 16 consonant and 15 vowel sounds that its developers deem essential to the proper pronunciation of the English tongue.

Voiceover artist Alison Pitman was hired to read out the instructions for the app, which will set buyers back £2.99 from the App Store.

Ms Pitman said: "I get a lot of work in America. There is something about the English accent that people like and I guess it is because of all the connotations to do with class, history and heritage.

"People hear the English accent and it conjures up images of sophistication and elegance."

Fans of My Fair Lady will recognise some of the exercises included in the app, as they are similar in style to those used to help a commoner transition the class barrier in the famous musical.

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