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iPhone dominates in Japan

iPhone dominates in Japan

Smartphone fans in Japan have helped the Apple iPhone to secure the largest market share in the country's smartphone market, new data reveals.

According to a report from the MM Research Institute, demand for Apple phones have soared by over 100 per cent in the last 12 months.

This has seen the Cupertino-based giant's handsets captured 72 per cent of the domestic smartphone market.

The study also found that Japan's hunger for the iPhone and other smartphones has doubled and predicted that over three million smart devices will have shipped over the next year.

However, sales of basic mobiles are sliding, with the result that Japan's mobile market as a whole is actually shrinking.

"Last year was just the beginning of the smartphone competition, which is why Apple did so well. This year will be much more competitive," said Daiwa Securities Group's Calvin Huang.

HTC took second place in the Japanese smartphone market with an 11 per cent market share, while Toshiba was in third with 6.8 per cent.

There is currently only one provider offering the iPhone in Japan and now its main rivals are looking to Google's Android platform to compete.

It is predicted that Android will be present on about 68 million smartphones by the year 2013, compared with the modest figure of 690,000 mobiles which shipped with it preinstalled back in 2008.

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