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iPhone gets MythBusters app

iPhone gets MythBusters app

An app based on hit TV show MythBusters has landed on the iPhone, offering smartphone fans the chance to indulge their appetite for debunking pseudo science.

MythBusters: The Official Discovery Channel App lets users know when the show is next on and provides facts and figures about the cast and crew who make it.

There is also a raft of clips from different parts of the show for those who enjoy different types of edutainment.

Developer Phunware has made sure that social networking is integrated into the MythBusters app, as there is a feed from the Facebook page dedicated to the show as well as access to the show's Twitter account.

No comprehensive app would be complete without some interactive content and here you get a whole section dedicated to mini games to keep your thumbs busy.

There are three games from which to choose, all of which are linked to the experiments performed on the show.

You will have to pay about £2 for the MythBusters app when it hits the UK, but to be fair there is a lot of content on offer and fans of the show should find much to enjoy.

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