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iPhone OS 4.0 landing Thursday

iPhone OS 4.0 landing Thursday

Apple is set to unveil the 4.0 edition of its iPhone operating system (OS) on Thursday.

The impending arrival of the OS comes a matter of months ahead of the launch of the next-generation iPhone, variously referred to as the iPhone 4G S and iPhone HD, and could provide strong clues as to the specifications of Apple's next smartphone contender.

Details of what the new version will bring to Apple's all-conquering handsets are scant, but it is thought that features could include multi-tasking.

Other rumoured additions include the option to record browser tabs for an improved mobile internet experience.

News of the Cupertino-based company's plans for its OS coincides with a separate announcement due this week from Microsoft relating to a forthcoming range of mobiles.

According to reports, these will mark the first time ever that Microsoft has had input on both the hardware and software of phones using its WinMo OS.

Details of what these will offer consumers are also thin on the ground, but is known that they will be cheaper feature phones aimed at providing social networking services to a mainstream audience.

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