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iPhone Skype app updated

iPhone Skype app updated

VoIP service Skype has just released an updated version of its official iPhone app, but support for voice calls over a 3G connection is conspicuously absent.

The app update has essentially tinkered with the software to smooth over any bugs, but after promising that 3G calling capabilities were coming soon, Skype has so far failed to deliver.

3G calling was originally suggested by official sources in February, but the latest update brings with it plenty of iPad-related murmurings, yet no word on the highly anticipated 3G edition.

"You can expect to hear more from us about an iPad app in the coming months as we now have our hands on actual iPads and can start tuning and testing," commented Skype's Peter Parkes.

By adding 3G support, the Skype app would allow iPhone users to make free calls to other Skype users, particularly as most iPhone contracts include unlimited 3G data transfers.

At the moment the app is limited to Wi-Fi calling, which is not quite as convenient.

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