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iPhone to get Dark Void Zero game

iPhone to get Dark Void Zero game

iPhone owners could soon be running and gunning their way through Dark Void Zero, a game which was originally publicised as being exclusive to the Nintendo DSi, but is now going cross-platform.

Dark Void launched on the PC and home consoles earlier in the year, bringing jetpack firefights and vertical cover systems to the mainstream.

Now the reduced version Dark Void Zero has emerged for handhelds, offering itself as a prequel to the full-sized original and making its way to the iPhone.

The handheld take on the game is an old-school side scroller, with 2D graphics and traditional control schemes. The DSi version was well received by the games press, but failed to light up the sales chart as much as might have been expected.

The iPhone port adds no new in-game content, but does feature OpenFeint support, which lets gamers unlock achievements, view high scores on leaderboards and chat with other players online.

Developer Capcom has said that it has worked extensively on the iPhone version of Dark Void Zero in order to make sure the controls work fluidly on the touchscreen interface.

It has not gone into detail over how these changes will be applied, but presumably there will be onscreen buttons to use.

Dark Void Zero will be available from the App Store from the 12th of April for £1.49.

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