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  5. New iPhone OS rejects Adobe software

New iPhone OS rejects Adobe software

New iPhone OS rejects Adobe software

Adobe, the firm behind various popular software programs and tools, has found that its software compiler is no longer compatible with the iPhone operating system (OS) after version 4.0 launched.

A bar on the company's titles follows the introduction of new rules instigated by Apple that insist that developers code any iPhone-based software in the platform's native programming language.

This means that any programs which work to translate existing software will no longer result in full compliance, leaving Adobe out in the cold.

Adobe is set to premiere its latest professional version of Flash later in the month and had been promoting the fact that developers can easily translate flash-based games and apps into a language that the iPhone can understand using the new software.

Adobe and Apple have been on poor terms recently and Apple's Steve Jobs has referred to Flash as "buggy" in explaining the fact that neither the iPhone nor the iPad have native support for Adobe's flagship product.

"We are aware of Apple's new software development kit language and are looking in to it. We continue to develop our Packager for iPhone OS technology, which we plan to debut in Flash CS5," commented an Adobe spokesperson.

The ripples of the feud reach far across the industry, as many larger developers had been relying on the iPad and iPhone supporting Flash in the future in order to create next-gen apps for the platform.

Part of Apple's stance in relation to Adobe and Flash is based on the fact that, by restricting developers to using an iPhone-specific programming language, it is making it harder for cross-platform editions of apps to be launched on competitors' smartphones.

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