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Nigella launches iPhone app

Nigella launches iPhone app

Celebrity cook Nigella Lawson has lent her likeness and recipes to a new iPhone app that will let users learn the ins and outs of creating fine meals.

Other personalities including Jamie Oliver have launched similar iPhone apps in the past and, given the three million strong UK user base, there are sure to be plenty of middle-aged male users who could benefit from Nigella's dulcetly-delivered instructions in the kitchen.

Food is a hot topic on the App Store, with cooking apps regularly featuring in the most downloaded charts. After just a week on the App Store the Nigella's Quick Collection app has hit number two in the lifestyle listings, pushing Mr Oliver's app into third place.

Many are critical of the app-based cooking experience, saying that it spoils the organic feeling of discovering recipes in cook books as was traditionally the case. However, more of the famous cook's persona is able to seep through in an app that contains a multitude of different types of content.

Most users are in agreement that the app's ability to create a shopping list filled with the necessary ingredients to create the recipes is one of its strong points. The ability to reverse-engineer a recipe based on the food that you have available is also a waste-reducing, money-saving feature.

"Turn up to a supermarket or farmers' market, see something you really like but don't know what to cook? You can just type in the ingredients and it will find a recipe. It's an absolute godsend for busy people and they make a huge amount of sense," said the Daily Telegraph's Xanthene Clay.

Nigella's app is on the App Store now and costs £4.99, which is precisely the same price as Jamie Oliver's own 20 Minute Meals app, so if you cannot stretch to both you may have a hard time choosing.

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