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  5. Steve Jobs slams Flash as 'unfit' for iPhone

Steve Jobs slams Flash as 'unfit' for iPhone

Steve Jobs slams Flash as 'unfit' for iPhone

Steve Jobs has leveled a whole host of new criticisms at Adobe Flash, further explaining why he believes that it is not fit for a place on the Apple iPhone.

In a blog post, Mr Jobs claimed that his firm's exclusion of Flash is based on its allegedly bug-ridden code and its steep power requirements which eat into battery life.

He also said that the origins of Flash on the PC mean that it is unsuitable for use on either the iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s head spoke out yesterday in yet another anti-Flash statement, in a bid to ensure that everyone understands why Apple refuses to accept the most common platform for online video and interactive content.

Most observers have slated Apple over its anti-Flash stance, which is seen to be a disadvantage for iPhone owners because it limits the online content that is accessible on the smartphone.

Mr Jobs has spoken out in support of his firm's decision, saying that Apple is not willing to put Adobe between it and the developers, as it would then have to rely on Adobe's software updates before new features could be made available.

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