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  5. Vodafone 845 Android phone landing May

Vodafone 845 Android phone landing May

Vodafone 845 Android phone landing May

Vodafone will be releasing its own Android-based smartphone, the less-than-snappily-titled 845, at some point next month.

Vodafone has produced a number of own-branded mobiles over the years, although the 845 holds the distinction of being the first to use the Google Android operating system.

The Vodafone 845 is an entry-level smartphone, but does have integrated GPS to offset the slightly cramped-sounding 2.8-inch touchscreen display.

A three megapixel camera sits on the back without a flash and simple black plastic seems to be the only design feature of note, but it does look stylish in the promotional shots.

"[The Vodafone 845] runs the very latest Android 'Eclair' software and shows our commitment and ability to take high-end trends and make them an affordable option for many," said Vodafone's Patrick Chomet.

The presence of Android 2.1 will certainly be an appealing asset to fans of the platform who have so far been unable to afford the HTC and Google smartphones which offer this updated edition.

Vodafone has said that it will be pre-installing its various 360 services onto the 845 and it will also have Android Market access, making apps and games available.

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