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  5. Apple iPhone rival to Flash on the way?

Apple iPhone rival to Flash on the way?

Apple iPhone rival to Flash on the way?

The dispute between iPhone manufacturer Apple and software firm Adobe is hotting up, amidst murmurings that Flash will have to fight against a competing Apple option.

Social media site Twitter has been the source of the rumours, with developers tweeting about a recent demonstration of Apple's technology which is intended to offer a platform for the creation of rich internet applications (RIAs).

The project has been codenamed Gianduia and has apparently been known to industry insiders since the summer of 2009 when Apple previewed the platform during the World of WebObjects Developer Conference (WOWODC).

However, information about Gianduia only reached the public domain after a developer known as Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch broke the news via Twitter, according to Apple Insider.

Mr Rentzsch described himself as "jaw dropped" and "blown away" by Gianduia, which is a combination of the Cocoa development environment used by a number of Apple products with WebObjects technology.

"Cappuccino, SproutCore and JavascriptMVC have serious competition. Serious," said Mr Rentzsch via Twitter.

Apple's implementation of the Gianduia technology has already begun, with web-based apps making use of the platform, according to sources.

It is believed that Apple has created Gianduia entirely on web-based standards, rather than adopting the proprietary stance of Flash, which has been the main focus of criticism from Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The adoption of open source standards by Apple, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, means that content is not therefore reliant on additional software plugins to operate, which is the case with Flash.

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