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Further iPhone 4G info leaked online

Further iPhone 4G info leaked online

New information about the specs of the iPhone 4G, as well as Apple's plans for the launch of its soon-to-arrive blockbusting smartphone, have surfaced online.

According to Digitimes, 512MB of Samsung RAM will be onboard the iPhone 4G, which is twice as much as that present in the iPhone 3G S. Inside a Cortex A8 processor from ARM will be running the show.

The capacitive touchscreen display sports native resolution of 960x640. To put this in context, the Google Nexus One impressed on its launch with its 800x400 resolution, but Apple is clearly pushing the envelope still further.

Apple has also taken a leaf from the HTC Hero's book, with display technology that reduces the impact of direct sunlight and improves the angles from which the screen can be viewed. This will mean that the mobile will be much easier to use in all conditions.

The new touchscreen display is allegedly 33 per cent slimmer than the current technology used on the iPhone 3G S, allowing a higher capacity battery to be snugly housed inside.

Apple is reported to have set up an order for 24 million iPhone 4G units from manufacturer Foxconn, with an anticipated 4.5 million selling in the first month of its availability.

The iPhone 4G is expected to launch officially on June 7th at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

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