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  5. iPhone 4G all white edition spotted?

iPhone 4G all white edition spotted?

iPhone 4G all white edition spotted?

Leaked images suggest that the next iPhone will not be limited to a single colour, but could also be available in white, with more colours potentially planned for the future.

Historically, Apple has not given people much choice when it comes to colour with the previous editions of the iPhone.

However, speculation is awash that this could be about to change after some hastily snapped images published by Apple Pro surfaced online appearing to show a white and black version of Apple's mobile.

Sceptics have pointed out that the pictures may quite easily be fakes, with the look of the casings not quite up to the high aesthetic standards set by Apple.

Apple has opted for diverse colour selections with its other electronic products. The iPod Nano was recently re-launched with a rainbow of choices, although the limited, classier look of the black and white shells suggests that Apple will be toning down any differences between iPhone 4G models.

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