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iPhone 4G: OS 4.0 demonstrated

iPhone 4G: OS 4.0 demonstrated

The iPhone Dev Centre became the launch pad for a pre-release version of the OS and this is significant because the site is operated by Apple itself.

There are two theories behind the sudden removal of the software, with some assuming that a serious problem was discovered with the platform after it was launched, whilst others believe that it was simply a premature launch which Apple quickly rectified.

The attention focused on all things Apple meant that keen developers were on hand to snap up the OS when it made its fly-by-night appearance and a good deal of information has now been elicited from the upcoming platform.

The highest profile alteration offered by the new software is the ability to drag and drop files and folders from your PC to the iPhone, according to Boy Genius Report. Individual apps will be required to support this function, but most developers are likely to jump at the chance to offer such convenience.

The multitasking capabilities of version 4.0 of the iPhone OS have been a focal point and now new details suggest that widgets for controlling media playback will be integral to these enhancements.

Multitasking can leave you with too many apps running simultaneously, but Apple has implemented a function to shut down active apps without having to open the app itself. The user simply holds down a finger on the app icon until a minus symbol pops up, giving them the option to close the app from the home screen.

The iPhone OS 4.0 is scheduled to be unveiled to the world on June 7th

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